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Agri Con full tree Service Company

Agri-con is a full service tree service specializing in services for the residential customer. As well as individual homeowners, we perform services for neighborhood and homeowner associations, property management services and real estate firms.

Centrally located in San Jose, we send out expert crews and equipment to all areas of the Bay Area proper as well as the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay areas, South County, and East Bay.

The owner is Walter Robertson, Certified Arborist, International Society of Arboriculture, member number WE6609A , who has 10 years experience as an arborist. Our California Contractors State License is 842164.

Our History

We are a 3rd generation tree service organization, formerly known as Tree Surgeon Association. Mario Z. Robertson, father of current owner Walter, organized the basic framework and operations that still exist in Agri-Con today. He incorporated sales approaches that where initiated by Mario’s brother, Joe Robertson, who was a door-to-door salesman in the world of vacuum cleaners. With one chain saw in hand, they proceeded to go door to door asking if anyone needed tree work. Even though we don’t go door to door as we did some 30 years ago, we still do find ourselves checking with the neighborhood and knocking on customer’s doors to see if they need any services while we’re in the area.

In 1994 Mario introduced Walter, his son, to the tree business that he had created. At that time Tree Surgeon Association was a non-licensed company, it was not required. With no certified arborists on staff, no licensing, Mario still continued to work until having health problems.

In 1999 Walter Robertson and Don Araki, (Walter’s brother-in-law), organized Agri-Con, a partnership. As a licensed and fully insured company with certified arborists, Agri-Con grew incredibly. Recently Walter took full control of the company and thus, “Agri-Con Tree Care Professionals” is now our official name.

Walter has been joined by his own son, Aaron. Together, father and son are running operations for Agri-Con. Aaron is a certified arborist who is also studying for his horticultural degree and he is licensed by the state to apply chemicals to trees (pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers).

From a one-chainsaw operation to a vital operation with large trucks, chippers, equipment, and fully equipped crews, Agri-Con has evolved to the company that it is today. With experience and education being the foundation of our company, we can now better serve you and your property.

Our Philosophy

The health and condition of your trees along with the immediate environment are important to us and especially to you and your property. We know the environmental impacts of cutting down a tree or removing brush without considering the effects on soil, animals, nature and the local ecological system. And on the other hand, we do take into consideration life, limb and property as far as safety issues are concerned. And this is why we at Agri-Con have trained certified arborists that are familiar with your local environment – to help consult with and to direct you with an overall plan that will best suit your needs and your property’s needs.

Our purpose is to educate the public in order that they may make an intelligent decision as to how trees should be trimmed or who should trim them. We are not just a tree cutting company. It is important that when our arborists consult with the public, that we are doing so as if the property was our own, and if we can save you money at the same time, the all the much better.

Our highly skilled climbers are trained within the company and have years of experience under their belt. These are men that are not line clearers or small tree pruners. We work on residential trees so aesthetics are important as well as the structural integrity of the trees, which are factors that aren’t even considered by line clearers. And no tree is too large. It’s quite common to see an Agri-Con climber 200 feet high in a redwood or Douglas fir. With our built-in incentive programs, the crews are compelled to do the job safely, neatly and efficiently. They now have a vested interest in the way Agri-Con performs for you. Many of our customers comment on how nice we’ve left their property. At Agri-Con it is our reasonable duty to make or leave your property in better condition than when we first arrived on the job. We feel that our customers are entrusting their personal property to us, and we feel it’s our responsibility to reciprocate the favor by keeping your property intact.


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