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We proudly offering the following services:


Consultations involve one of our arborists visiting your property site in order to give you advice as to what to do, how to do it and when to work on your trees and brush. We will advise you of any recommended treatments and when to administer them. We will propose a course of action based on your goals and provide an estimate at your request. The purpose is to give you an overall insight and approach to preserving the integrity, beauty, and value of your immediate and local environment and property.

Free Estimates

Free estimates are an industry standard. But our estimates are not just a matter of giving you a price for tree work that needs to be done, but also involves some consultation by an ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Arborist. Just ask and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability. Our purpose is to educate our customers as to what is right for your trees and property.


Along with verbal consultations, we write reports in case government agencies may require you to submit an arborist report for future building/expansion projects or for a simple tree removal permit. If necessary, we will submit maps along with photos to substantiate any recommendation for removal or major restructuring of trees away from future appurtenant structures or existing structures.

Permit Process

If your time is limited, we can go through the permit process for you. We waive all Agri-Con fees for this if you retain us as your tree service company. We’ll figure the city or county requirements as to cost of permit, reports and maps if necessary. And if we are fortunate, we may be able to by-pass the whole process by doing an eminent hazard removal request. We know the routine and and if we can, we would like to help you avoid the red tape.

Tree Work

Whether it’s cleaning, pruning, shaping or reducing the size of the crown by drop crotching, tree removal, or opening a beautiful vista to the ocean, we do it all. Our skilled climbers are able to get to those hard to reach places that some other companies aren’t willing or even able to do. We are always pushing our workers to a higher level of performance in order that you and your trees may receive the full benefit of doing your trees correctly. If the tree is located in an open field, over the road and wires, or even over the house, you can count on us to do the job safely. Our ability to communicate to the public is a reflection of the confidence that we have in our climbers and our proven record over the years. And of course we are fully bonded, insured and licensed in case of any mishaps.

Treatment of Trees

Sometimes trees get to a point where tree trimming or pruning has little to no affect on restoring an ailing tree’s health, so we recommend certain treatments upon correct diagnosis of a diseased tree. We are continually updated as to the latest and greatest treatment applications, whether you have a Sycamore tree that has Anthracnose to an Oak that has Sudden Oak Death Syndrome or Monterey Pine that has Pitch Canker (which there is no known treatment for), we can steer you in the right direction.

Agri-Con strictly administers only injections or infusions. We view chemical treatment of trees as the last measure in combating against bacteria, fungus or insects. The EPA and the State of California have approved the chemicals that we apply. With these treatments, we have more control and can isolate the chemicals in a tree or the drip line of a tree, without fear of major drift (carried by the wind) or run off (carried by water).

We don’t spray unless the trees are small for health and liability reasons.

These products should be limited as to their application. Your local environment is important to us. We at Agri-Con want to be known as a contributor to a healthy ecological system, not a detriment to it.


Winter storms hit the area and homeowners or businesses find themselves with a tree threatening to fall on the house or a driveway being blocked with no way to get out. We’re on call 24 hours a day, and we will be there. If a massive storm hits, Agri-Con takes care of the immediate threats to life, limb and property and later will revisit the site again for clean up.

Often time, companies will increase their prices because they know that people during a calamity are desperate. We feel very strongly that it is wrong to offer services at an inflated rate during an emergency! Most calls to us during a storm or emergency are previous customers of ours. We want to continue that good relationship that is so important to us and to the continued success of Agri-Con.

If the storm is so severe that the phones are ringing off the hook, we will do the threatening part of the job for our customers without talking about the price. There have been many times when we have done work for free because a tree fell across the road and blocked it. When the pressure is off of the customers, then we can negotiate a contract for the work in whole.

We want to be contributors to the community We feel that in the long run, people will remember the gesture and it is usually repaid ten fold.

Brush Removal

We often receive requests to remove brush and weeds that may pose a fire hazard or that may be encroaching on another property. At times you may be ordered by the fire marshal or your insurance company to make your property fire safe.

Whether it’s weed eating or scotch-broom removal or even poison oak removal, we’re here to perform, making your property a more enjoyable and safe environment for family, friends and pets.

Chip Delivery

We deliver chips for free! Tree chips are great for the purpose of controlling weed growth, erosion problems or for a tree that’s stressed. Chips that we remove from one homeowner’s property we recycle to another’s for these beneficial purposes. Let us know who you are, where you want the chips to be dropped off and how many loads. Keep in mind that these chips include leaves as well as wood and while they do not have that refined look, they are great for the previous listed reasons.

Incidental Junk Removal

Sometimes during the time we are doing tree work, another part of the crew can be loading up junk or taking down an old dilapidated shed or fence to be taken to the local dump site for a lesser cost than you would hire someone else to do the job. While we don’t perform major demolition, we’re happy to get rid of that old swing set, refrigerator or construction material left over from another project.


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