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Did you know that ………

Trees respire? Why is this important to a homeowner and what can a homeowner do to improve a tree’s respiration?

Trees (oaks) can have several leave types on one tree?

Hybrids also can be developed?

The presence of certain trees can affect the growth pattern of other trees?

Fungus growths or flirting bodies could denote a hazardous situation?

Beetles are often not the cause of a tree death but rather a sign of a pre- existing problem?

Trees don’t heal?

Topping trees could pose immediate and future problems for trees?

Tree diseases can be transferred by way of contaminated tools or equipment?

If a newly planted tree is staked for more than a year, it could adversely affect the trees future stability?

There are tree inoculations?

Trees take in oxygen?

A tree can pull up hundreds of gallons of water in a day?


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